Microsoft releases fix for botched Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093

Late last night, Microsoft released a new Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093. According to the KB article, it fixes a bug in the Aug. 1 Office 2016 non-security patch KB 4011051, which left hyperlinks in Excel 2016 non-functional.

It also fixes two additional bugs:

  • For the 32-bit version of Outlook 2016, Office Store redirects you to the web store instead of opening the in-client store.
  • Editing languages and Help languages may be changed unexpectedly. For example, a display language may be missing from the editing languages list even if you have not removed it.

There’s no need to install this patch of a patch, unless you’re having problems with hyperlinks in Excel 2016 spreadsheets. KB 4011093 will not go out via Windows Update. Check the KB article for manual download and installation instructions.

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Mobile CRM

Survey: In-App Customer Support Is a Winner

Consumers want mobile apps with good in-app customer support, suggest results of a recent survey. Radius Global Market Research conducted the online poll of adults in the United States this spring. Among the survey’s findings: Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they would recommend an app if a customer support agent proactively contacted them while they were experiencing problems.

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The paranoid Windows traveler’s data-protection checklist

It used to be that the most intrusive experience business travelers faced at airport security was a possible pat-down, or a customs check of luggage. These days, border control agents are searching passengers’ phones, tablets and laptops for … well, anything they want to see. Your complying with the request grants them access to documents, emails, passwords, contacts and social media account information. So travelers carrying confidential or privileged corporate information (in addition to the merely personal) need to take steps ahead of time to ensure that private data stays private. 

The laws around data privacy at checkpoints are murky, and border control officers in the U.S. and elsewhere have been making full use of the allowable gray areas, asking travelers to turn over email logins and social media passwords, searching devices and making forensic copies of data. If this concerns you and your company, these tips could prove useful. While legal issues vary by country, most of these suggestions will provide a measure of data security in a variety of situations.

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